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CFD Indicies

CFD is a popular form of financial derivative trading; it allows traders and investors to profit from rising or falling prices of the underlying financial assets namely equity indices and their respective markets.  When a trader places a CFD trade on a particular equity index, they are speculating on the overall price movement (Performance) of the equity market that the index represents. Main Stock Indices are used as prime benchmarks for fund managers globally and are heavily traded around the world and, due to the large number of companies that make up each individual index; it is very difficult for one or a few participants to overly influence the index’s performance.

The best known equity indices are often compromised from the largest and most liquid publicly traded companies in a given country or region. A trader by trading CFD’s indices at Sandton Capital Markets can speculate on the price movement of the German 30, the U.S 500 and many other CFD indices. A trader or an investor is able to speculate on the price movements of the largest publicly traded German and or American companies that constitute these indices. Rather than focusing on individual stocks and shares. A trader can take a more general view of a market by focusing on a CFD index.

Trading Product Leverage Minimum Per Position Margin Maintenance Level 
CFD Indices 50:1 0.10 (Tenth of a lot) 50%

One of the main factors that will affect the performance of any given index is the national, regional and or global economic activity, as this underpins the growth and profitability of the companies that are listed on the index. Trading the world’s most popular stock market indices through CFD’s with Sandton Capital Markets is simple, efficient and affordable. Some of the available CFD instruments are:

Asia Pacific

Instrument Description Index components
AUS200 Australia top 200 Index The 200 largest companies in Australia
JAP225 Japan 200+ Index 225 leading Japanese companies
HKComp Hong Kong 50 Index Top 50 Hong Kong listed companies
CHNComp H.K traded Chinese Index 40 Largest Chinese companies listed in H.K
INDIA50 India Top 50 Index Top 50 companies listed in India
KOSP200 South Korea Top 200 Index 200 largest companies listed in Korea


Instrument Description Index components
UK100 U.K 100 Index The 100 largest companies listed in U.K
EU50 Euro top 50 Index 50 leading Euro zone companies
DE30 Germany 30 Index 30 Major German companies
FRA40 France 40 Index 40 Largest listed French companies
SUI20 Top 20 Swiss Index 20 Swiss blue-chips
ITA40 Italy top 40 Index 40 largest companies listed in Italy
SPA35 Spain top 35 Index Top 35 listed Spanish companies
RUS50 Russia Top 50 Index Leading 50 companies in Russia


Instrument Description Index components
US500 U.S 500 Index 500 largest companies in the U.S
US30 U.S 30 Index 30 major U.S companies
US100 U.S 100 Tech Index 100 Technology based U.S companies
US2000 U.S Small Cap Index 2,000  small companies index
BRAComp Top 50 Brazil Index 50 Largest listed Brazilian companies