CN trading has been a milestone in the modern FOREX industry due to the transparency, ease and advantages that it entails. With direct access to liquidity providers and automatic matching and execution of orders, ECN’s are how global financial institutions and brokers facilitate their client’s trading activities.

What does Sandton Pro-Trader full STP/ECN stand for? ECN stands for Global FX Electronic Communication Network. Like much of the FX market mechanisms today, an ECN is an automated component of trading, since it connects large institutional accounts directly to the pool of large liquidity providers such as banks, brokerages globally and eliminates the role of the traditional middleman. Traders get access to liquid pricing offers from a variety of market participants directly on their trading platforms and are shown the best bid and ask prices available in the market. The matching and execution of orders ensues automatically and in this way the trader can always be sure that the broker they are using does not have any dealing desk involvement against them or the trade is processed on an STP (straight through process) basis. For each transaction, traders are charged a small fee by the broker.

The Advantages of an ECN Account:

  • Full transparency since the broker directly connects your orders.
  • NDD (No Dealing Desk)
  • Extremely low spreads
  • The best bid and ask prices available
  • Great environment for scalping